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Who We Are

Jericho Baptist Church
Reaching the lost. Reclaiming the backslider. Nurturing the saved. 

Our vision at Jericho Baptist Church is to be a people of God who live out the great commission of Christ in our rural area. To do this, we will be a people who live in connection with God our Father through Jesus Christ. This will be manifested primarily by our spirit-filled and inspiring corporate worship services and resources for personal and family worship. We will be a people who live in connection with each other. Each member will be a part of a small group, ministry team, or a task group. These groups will provide personal support, pastoral care, and fellowship. We will be a people who grow in grace and knowledge of the Son of God, thereby becoming spiritually mature and complete. Finally, we will be a people who reach the lost, reclaim the backslider, and nurture the saved. We will provide resources and facilities that will support the concept of a ‘whole-man’ ministry that reaches the bodies, minds, and souls of the people who live in our community.

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers – bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, military personnel, nurses, cooks, truck drivers, business owners, retirees, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God. 

Our Mission


Jericho Baptist Church takes its inspiration from Ezekiel 34:16 “I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed. . ."


Our mission is to build a climate of love, grace, peace, and faith that will enable us to reach the lost, reclaim the backslider, and nurture the saved so that people can connect with God and contribute to the work of Christ and his church.